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Need Guidance With New 55 Gallon Demasoni+Yellow Lab Tank!

Discussion in 'African Cichlids' started by Fishywishy, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Fishywishy

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    Hey everybody! I have a new 55 Gallon aquarium set up and i would like to put demasoni+yellow labs in. I need to put more rocks in there i am just having a hard time finding suitable rocks for the tank. It has only been running for 2 days i have added Natural Trace African Cichlid by API and NovAqua Plus, i am kind of mad at myself for buying gemstones instead of sand, but i all ready wasted my money on the gemstones so it's whats gonna have to do for now. Here are some pics, it would have looked way better with sand, but anyway i am just looking for some tips on maintenace and care with the Demasoni's and Yellow Labs. How and what to feed them and when, so yeah please respond soon thanks!
  2. MOD_Dawn

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    Re: Need Guidance With New 55 Gallon Demasoni+Yellow Lab Tan

    try Texas Holey Rocks, this is just 1 place you can find them--> http://www.holeyrockoftexas.com/
    but theirs plenty of other places too (aquabid, ebay, online, try pricing at your local Fish store too).

    When your tired of trying to siphon around them without sucking them up try something on the rather cheap side...Pool Filter Sand that you can get at any pool/spa place (Pool City, Valley Pools, etc). Just remember to put the rocks down first and THEN the sand...that way the rocks won't shift.

    When the tanks done cycling (unless your adding something like SafeStart) test your water with a liquid test kit and post the results...you might not need to add anything (if city water- a minimum would be a good dechlorinator--I love Seachem Prime since it doesn't require much).

    I haven't gotten to their profiles yet, but here's some info (I'm sure others will provide much more than this, as I am no experienced with these):
    Labidochromis caeruleus
    Origins--> East Africa, found only in Lake Malawi, typically on the northwest side of the lake.
    Size--> 6 in.
    Diet--> Prepared cichlid foods, algae, and livefoods.
    Water--> Temperature 72-79F, hard (150-200 mg/l) and alkaline (pH 7.5-8.0).
    Temperament--> Quite peaceful
    *This species exists in a range of color morphs, such as the bright yellow form. Both the male and the female display a stripe along the dorsal fin, but only the male has black ventral fins. Labidochromis cichlids are part of the mbuna group, whose members occur in rocky areas of Lake Malawi close to the shore, where they browse on algae. This species is one of the most placid, but a male should be kept with several females.

    ps. from my various readings on numerous types of Fish I was under the belief that these two types couldn't be mixed due to the demasoni's aggressiveness?

    And maintenance would be the same as any other Fish:
    [*] Stable water parameters which you'll want to monitor through a good freshwater LIQUID test kit (I simply use API freshwater master test kit)
    [*] Stable water temperature (this can easily be monitored with a thermometer...i like the tom temp alert digital one with the availability to set the warning "beep").
    [*] Proper filtration (I recommend at least 10times turnover rate ... so be sure to check your filtrations gph and always know they're not truly accurate because most are rated WITHOUT media)...Lots of options here (canister, hang on backs, sponge filters, etc). I have experience with each type, but I've found Sponge Filters and Canisters to be the easiest to work with.
    [*] Feed a high quality food at least twice a day (more often is better of course, but not always necessary), small amounts...what they'll eat in just a minute or so.
    Premium brands would be Dainichi, New Life Spectrum, Hikari
    [*] weekly partials (add dechlorinator if need be PRIOR to adding fresh water) ... I do just under 50% each time>>make sure to siphon clean any substrate too (I use the python no spill clean n' fill).
    [*] at least monthly filter maintenance (where you clean the filter and replace media as needed)
    [*] inside tank glass cleaning (as needed)...can use things like Mag-Float algae magnets, but beware not to take them near the bottom as they can/will easily pick up substrate and can/will scratch your glass. I really like the Tom magical cleaning rod for this task ;)
  3. heatherine

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    Re: Need Guidance With New 55 Gallon Demasoni+Yellow Lab Tan

    quick suggestion - if you don't put some sort of backing on that tank, you'll be very prone to algae blooms what with it being right by that sunny window.